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Enterprise Profile of Chongqing Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd


Chongqing Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Energy Group), established by integrating the original Chongqing Coal (Group) Co., Ltd, Chongqing Construction Investment Co., Ltd and Chongqing Gas Group Co., Ltd in 2006, is the largest large-scale energy group in Chongqing integrating the energy investment, exploitation, construction, operation and service. The registered capital of the Group is 10 billion Yuan. The Group owns 20 exclusively-invested and stock-holding enterprises, and has over 45,000 employees. By the end of 2016, the total assets of the Group had reached up to 108.6 billion Yuan and the operating revenue had reached up to 36.8 billion Yuan. The raw coal output was 11,700,000 tons, the installed electric power capacity by joint-stock and stock-holding was 11,000,000 KW, and the gas supply was 3,000,000,000 m3/a. Since its establishment, the Group has been ranking in the list of the Top 500 enterprises in China, the Top 500 service enterprises in China and the Top 100 service enterprises in Chongqing. The Group has successively won over 30 honorary titles of provincial and ministerial level and above, such as the National May 1st Labor Certificate, Advanced (Model) Establishment for the Work of National Enterprise Trade Unions, Civilized Unit of Chongqing and Contribution Award for State-Owned Enterprises in Chongqing.

Chongqing Energy Group adheres to the core value of Full of Devotion & Pursuit of Excellence and persists in the enterprise spirit of To Be Bold, Pioneering, Realistic and Innovative. The transformation and upgrading as well as reform and innovation are being vigorously promoted in the Groups seven industrial sectors, i.e. coal power, gas, clean energy, construction, trade, aluminum industry, finance and overseas investment and financing, to continually enhance core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Currently, Chongqing Energy Group is moving towards the ambitious goal of building itself to be a first-class energy production and comprehensive service enterprise in western China by adhering to the operation management principle of Ensuring Growth, Adjusting Structure, Increasing Benefit, Controlling Risk, Enhancing Security and Promoting Harmony under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development.

Coal power and aluminum industry sector Supported by the five state-owned coal production bases under unified distribution, i.e. Songzao, Nantong, Yongrong, Tianfu and Zhongliangshan coal production bases, this sector takes Guizhou, Yunnan and Xinjiang energy bases as its strategic reserves, focuses on the steam coal production and clean coal smelting, With the four modernizations as the pivotal point, improve the quality and efficiency of existing coal mines, and try to integrate coal, power and even aluminum. By the end of 2016, the designed production capacity of raw coal was 18,160,000 t/a, including the 14,860,000 t/a by 21 pairs of mines in Chongqing Municipality and 3,300,000 t/a by 7 pairs of mines in Guizhou, Yunnan, etc. The installed capacity of supporting thermal power and methane electrical generation of existing coal mines is 1,770,000 KW. Chongqing Energy Banner Co., Ltd. has now constructed and put into operation a 340,000-ton primary aluminum plant and its supporting 2330MW coal-fired power generating unit, special railway line and power access system. The key indicators reach the first-class level, and thus the company successfully ranks in the list of The Top 10 Aluminum Industry Enterprises in China.

Gas sector Chongqing Gas Group, affiliated to Chongqing Energy Group, succeeded in going public at Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600917) on September 30, 2014. The annual supply of gas reaches approximate 3 billion m3, which covers 24 districts and counties, Market coverage rate of 66%, with over 4.4 million users, among which the residents account for more than 60% of all users in the whole city. By the end of 2016, the companys total asset had surpassed CNY 8 billion. On the basis of D711 high-tension looped network for the outer ring of metropolitan area and by combining multiple connecting lines for outer and middle rings with regional trunk lines, the main pipeline network platform radiating widely across the counties and townships has been basically constructed. At the end of the 13thFive-year Plan, the Gas Group will develop into a first-class urban gas supplier and integrated service provider in China.

Clean energy sector Engaging mainly in investment management of hydropower, wind power and other clean energy project, the clean energy company has now an installed capacity of 750,000 KW by equity-holding, with anannual energy output reaching 1,400,000,000 KWH and also a limestone powder production capacity of 1,100,000 t/a. Now this sector reserves hydropower and wind power resources, and the biomass power generation project is vigorously developed. By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan, every effort will be made to form a benchmarking clean energy enterprise with a total installed capacity of 1,200,000 KW, a desulfurized limestone powder production capacity of 1,600,000 t/a, a biomass gas production capacity of 20,000,000 m3 and a total asset exceeding CNY 11 billion.

Construction sector: Supported by Juneng Construction Group, Shunan Explosion Equipment and Energy Investment Real Estate etc., this sector will possess annual construction capacity of more than 10 billion Yuan and annual production of emulsion explosives 64,000 tons and 70 million industrial detonators; Juneng Construction Group will transform itself from simple construction to investment, construction and management, developing into a modern first-class special-grade construction and management enterprise. Shun'an Civil Explosives Company has preliminarily established an integrated industry chain of research, production, sales, and explosives and is accelerating the cultivation of processing patterns of metal explosive composite materials.

Trade sector: This sector is supported by Chongqing Energy Trading Co., Ltd, Chongqing Energy Investment Import and Export Corporation and Chongqing Energy Investment Electricity Sale Co., Ltd, with the current annual operating revenue close to 10 billion Yuan. The Trading Company will build itself to be the largest third party fuel and raw material supplier in Chongqing through the Internet + supply chain service; the Electricity Sale Company will actively integrate internal grid resource of the Group, quickly seize the peripheral market for electricity sale and vigorously exploit the distributed energy resource. The electricity sales was ranked first in the whole city in 2016. The company is gradually establishing a regional platform of distribution, transmission, and sales of electricity and developing into a comprehensive power service enterprise.

Finance and overseas investment and financing sector:  Supported by Chongqing Energy Investment Group Finance Company, Chongqing Energy International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited and Chongqing Coffee Trading Center, this sector will speed up fostering finance service industry, constantly increasing capital concentration and serving capability, and provide service for business expansion of the Group Chongqing Energy International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. are making efforts to establish the groups intelligence and technology introduction platform, overseas resources project development platform and overseas financing platform. Chongqing Energy Group, CNPC and Sinopec have taken the lead to establish the national bulk energy commodity trading platform Chongqing Oil and Gas Trading Center.

Coffee industryWith the overall strategy of one center collaborated by two wings, with three supports and four guarantees and also the coffee industry chain development principle of to households instead of trees at the beginning and to stores instead of cups at the end, its coffee business has become the integrator of the coffee industry chain, striving for development into a coffee industry service platform with global influence. Chongqing Coffee Trading Center sponsored by the Group is becoming a coffee trading platform having worldwide influence, which has attracted 150 registered clients all over the world half a year upon its operation with online and offline transaction volume of 3.6 billion Yuan. The coffee trading value of the Import & Export Company has been doubled every year for 4 consecutive years since 2013 and has now reached CNY 2.3 billion, become a top-five in the foreign trade industry in Chongqing. The Import & Export Company will take the One Belt and One Road opportunity to integrate the coffee planting, collecting and storing, trading and other resources, so as to consolidate the foundation of the groups integrated coffee industry service platform. Zhongliangshan Company are making efforts to create the deep processing link of coffee, and the project has settled down in Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing.  

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